Check Out Jomar Valve’s Lead Free Brass Valves and Basket Strainers!

Our valves carry multiple third party certifications, have several end connections and combinations along with multiple accessories available. Check out the full line here! 
We offer a wide range of high quality basket strainers. Take a look at all of our unique and useful options here.
Check out our new end connection combinations on our ASTM F1960 and F1807 pex end ball valves! Click here to learn more!

Reminder! The Jomar Valve T-150G Series is Available Now!

The T/S-150G Series ball valves feature the same great quality you have come to expect from Jomar Valve. This new series is made of lead free dezincification resistant brass and carries multiple industry certifications from UL, CSA, FM and IAPMO. Available in threaded or solder from sizes ½” – 2” with larger sizes coming soon! Click here to learn more! Contact us at (586) 268-1220 or your regional sales manager for more information

Jomar’s Add-A-Valve

The Add-A-Valve® device works by cutting through copper tubing with a hardened steel stem cutter and expanding a Viton® seal across the cut to stop the flow. The device literally adds a valve to the system so you can replace or repair a defective valve, hot tap a line or isolate an area without shutting off service.

The Add-A-Valve® can be installed on hot (220°F/104°C) or cold water, H2O Glycol Systems, under pressure, from 0 to 250 PSI/17 bar Max., on type M, L & K, copper tube. Available in sizes 1/2” – 2” in lead free or regular brass.

No Pipe Freezing!
No Bulky Nitrogen Tanks!
No Complete Shutdown!

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Jomar Valve’s Actuation Line

We carry a wide selection of direct mount ball valves including a 2-way full port brass direct mount ball valve. The A101 is available in ½” to 2”, comes with an ISO 5211 direct mounting pad and features a stainless steel ball and stem. Check it out here!
You can easily build your actuation project by using our comprehensive price guide. You can select the type of actuator, valve style or material and additional options! Take a look here.
We can actuate almost anything! Take a look at our full line of electric and pneumatic actuators and direct mount valves. Click here to learn more!

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Check out Jomar Valve’s Check Valves

Have you seen our lead free horizontal press check valves? Our P-501G valves are composed of dezincification resistant lead free brass and conform to IAPMO PS 117. Available in sizes 1/2” – 2”. Click here to learn more or check out our product video here.
Our T-550 is a one-piece body stainless steel check valve with threaded connections available in sizes 1/2” – 3”. Click here to learn more!
We now carry the large size lead free horizontal check valves up to 4” in threaded and up to 3” in solder. Click here to learn more.

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